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Embracing Winter: Sustainable Indoor Playtime Ideas for Toddlers

Embracing Winter: Sustainable Indoor Playtime Ideas for Toddlers

Winter can be challenging for parents with little ones, as the cold weather keeps them indoors and in need of entertainment. However, with a little creativity and a focus on sustainability, you can transform this season into a memorable time of fun and learning for your toddlers. In this blog, we'll explore fantastic ideas to keep your little adventurers entertained while fostering their development and teaching them about sustainable practices.
Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

In case you hadn’t heard, Christmas is just around the corner! If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for babies and toddlers, we’ve collated some of our favourites. Of course we love to make sure we support Aussie brands, since this is something we are very passionate about!

Happy Shopping.

Toddler Climbing on Pikler

Why you should let your toddler climb.

Alice, an occupational therapist, discusses why it's important for parents to invite their children to explore climbing safely. She draws upon her experiences working with children of all ages and abilities.

Little girl peeking under Large Pikler and Ramp

3 Ways To Encourage Independent Play

It might take a little while for your child to learn how to play independently, but the benefits are so worth it! Teaching toddlers to entertain themselves doesn't just help young kids build creativity and critical-thinking skills, it’s an essential sanity-saver for busy parents! 
Baby Toddler Playing with Magblox on Whiteboard

Our Favourite Things to do on Rainy Days.

We understand how crazy things can get on rainy days! That’s why we have prepared the ultimate rainy day activity guide for you. From cubby houses to arts-and-crafts, recipes, and everything in between!
natural play equipment for kids

Sensory exploration.

Exploration, curiosity, problem-solving, and creativity are all encouraged through sensory play. As a result, it helps to develop language and motor skills as well as build nerve connections in the brain.
natural play equipment for kids - control

Developing control and coordination.

The Pikler can support this development from a baby through to the skills that a 5 to 6-year-old-child develops including confidence with climbing up and down and harmonising movements with awareness of the space around us.
With Alice Curtis.
natural play equipment for kids

Play and imaginative skill building.

From a castle holding a princess, to a bridge over treacherous water, the Pikler Triangle design can be used as a structure for children’s play. The design makes it a blank template to motivate your child to explore and use their imagination.
With Alice Curtis.
natural play equipment for kids - climbing

Upper body and core strengthening.

For younger ones, core strength is the building block behind maintaining standing and sitting positions without support as well as affecting their head, shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger positions.
With Alice Curtis.


alice curtis, occupational therapist

Meet Alice Curtis, director of Empower Therapy

Alice Curtis is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for supporting children and adolescents in fulfilling their goals and breaking down the barriers which hold them back from achieving their full potentials.