In case you hadn’t heard, Christmas is just around the corner! If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for babies and toddlers (and 1 for the parents), we’ve collated some of our favourites which partner perfectly with our pikler climbing frames and and associated products. Of course we love to make sure we support Aussie brands, since this is something we are very passionate about! Happy Shopping. 



Large Baby Play Mat: Original Australian Alphabet / Sand Safari

Large Baby Play Mat: Original Australian Alphabet / Sand Safari


Designed in Australia, Freddy and Co non-toxic play mats feature prints made by Australian designers.  Each mat has an educational children’s side and a decor friendly parent design. All designs are reversible, so you can have fun choosing which side to feature in your room. Currently, they have four educational children’s designs and you can choose your own reverse side to suit your personal style.We love the Original Australia Alphabet Design with the Sand Safari Reverse and they are perfect for sitting the Nimble Kids play equipment on. 

Suitable for littles ones of all ages, and include re-usable straps for convenient storage or travel.

Hey Timber

Boop - Natural

Hey Timber Wooden Car

Brisbane-based timber studio “Hey Timber” crafts beautiful sustainably made timber cars in a range of different designs. We love this iconic ‘Boop Car. Versatile and ready for play adventures, from scenic drives through the big climbing frame to high-speed races down our kids ramp


Set Of 50 Coloured Wooden Balls

Set Of 50 Coloured Wooden Balls

QTOYS is a Melbourne-based, Australian owned toy store that designs and manufactures learning resources such as educational toys, teaching equipment and kid's furniture. QToys are designed so that kids can learn skills such as reasoning and critical thinking through wooden tracing boards, sorting boards etc.

We love this set of 50 Coloured Wooden Balls. Colourful and bright, they are a fantastic accessory for our Mega Ramp Slide. Your little warrior will watch the balls going down the ramp with amazement! All Qtoys products are made out of plantation timber using non-toxic child safe materials and comply with the highest safety standards for toys. 


Star Cushion Lge-Pink

Pink Star cushion

Another Melbourne-based brand, Nana Huchy is the brainchild of Lucy Morrison, mother of two rambunctious humans & one very affectionate dog. The brand curates classic toys, gifts & baby blankets made from beautifully soft materials & produced with superior quality. 

We love these gorgeous star cushions, which make the perfect accessory to our Tent Covers. Create the ultimate cubby house for your little warrior and sit back and enjoy the quiet while they play for hours on end! Also available in Colour Grey and a gorgeous Heart shape. 

Little Change Creators 

OUTBACK Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Set

Reusable Colouring Set

The perfect answer to guilt-free grown-up time and rainy-day rescues.

Inspire young minds to create and connect anywhere they go with this compact and reusable colouring set. Ideal for travel or playing quietly inside the Nimble Kids tent, this reversible colour-in mat features two erasable surfaces for double the fun! 

The Lolly Shop

This is the first book of a series


The Lolly Shop Book

Do you have a reader in your family?  Or are you looking for a Christmas present for nieces or nephews? 

Lauren Hackney is a Brisbane based author who has written this delightful series aimed at young readers. The Lolly Shop introduces two small boys, Baxter and Ethan, who own their own Lolly Shop. 

A magic powder mysteriously appears and is mistakenly mixed in with the lolly's they create. This results in magic candy with fun, silly powers that unleash havoc on the local community. The boys slowly learn this candy is being used for both good and mischievous purposes by the local children.

If you purchase this book, and can’t find your child, look inside the Cubby House.  They just could be reading quietly in there. 

Tour De Tea

Milky Oolong

Milky Oolong Tea

One for the Mums and Dads. We are a little obsessed with this gorgeous Tea which is made by sisters Amy and Hannah in our home town of Brisbane.

Milky Oolong tea is a Taiwanese tea known for its creamy and buttery taste. Real Milk Oolong tea provides a sweet flowery scent and a taste of sweet butter and milk through gently roasted and rolled tea leaves.
November 13, 2022

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