Sensory exploration is so important for your child’s development!

As an Occupational Therapist, I am constantly encouraging parents to find ways to stimulate their child’s curiosity and therefore challenge them physically.

The Nimble Kids suite of products are great foundation pieces for children aged 0 - 6 years. Made in Australia, the Pikler Triangle (first developed by paediatrician Emmi Pikler) is a well-designed piece of equipment that can be used for multiple OT programs.

Sensory exploration begins as a newborn. Your baby is looking, listening, feeling their environment, responding and exploring. Before 3 months of age, you can encourage reaching and eye tracking for your baby whilst laying on their back. 

Before 6 months of age your baby might be starting to use two hands to explore so you can encourage both hands to reach for two attachments of the Pikler (for example reaching for the rungs, ribbons or ties attached to the rungs). 

Up to 1 year your child will start exploring different sizes of objects, different textures and will explore items with their mouths. 

Use the rungs of the Pikler to hold different items. For example, place foam around the rungs or have chimes and large/over-sized beads (they can’t put in their mouth!) hanging from the rungs.

You can support your baby in a variety of positions depending on their development. Whether it is sitting, standing, laying on their stomachs or backs to reach, grasp and explore their sensory environment – the Pikler Triangle provides you with plenty of option  By Alice Curtis - Director & Occupational therapist. Empower Therapy.

Alice Curtis. EmpOwer Therapy

September 16, 2021

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