A lot of equipment recommended for use for Occupational Therapists can be bulky, heavy, unaesthetically pleasing and costly for parents and families who already have a house crowded full of things! I love that Nimble Kids are an Australian owned business which offers equipment which is safe, practical and beautiful for your kids to touch.

The the locally made wooden products can assist your child with their play and imaginative skill building.

From a castle holding a princess, to a bridge over treacherous water, the Pikler Triangle design can be used as a structure for children’s play. The design makes it a blank template to motivate your child to explore and use their imagination. For example, tie colourful ribbons onto the ladder rungs to imitate a rainbow or replicate a wall for Spiderman to climb!

So get creative, make the Pikler as motivating for your child as possible and importantly, have FUN with using the Pikler to support your child’s development.

By Alice Curtis - Director & Occupational Therapist. Empower Therapy

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September 16, 2021

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