The Nimble Kids Story

Our Inspiration

Inspired by their adventure-seeking daughter - and armed with the professional know-how of high-end timber furniture production – a Brisbane couple have created premium developmental products with their new venture, Nimble Kids.

dinah pherous - nimble kids founder

Meet the Maker

Director, Dinah Pherous, said when her search for a well-made, assembled, sturdy and attractive indoor play frame left her empty handed she decided to do something about it.

Her focus was to create a high-quality natural wood product – beautiful to touch, practical to use, and easy to store – that assisted with self guided learning.


We take you behind the scenes

All of our baby & toddler play equipment is made from consciously sourced Hoop Pine. We are committed to exclusively sourcing the wood from sustainable plantations.

While not specifically designed to be outdoor play equipment, our products are all fully-finished and are ready for indoor or outdoor play right out of the box. We recommend, however, storing all Nimble Kids wooden play equipment inside when you are not using them for outdoor play.

dinah pherous - nimble kids founder
- Founder Dinah Pherous

"We've combined our love of design and passion for creating the finest products to create something special - not just for our own kids, but for all kids."

100% Australian Owned

We are proud to be a 100% Australian brand.
Owned and designed in Australia, with a focus on quality.

Why is it Called the Pikler Triangle?

Developed by Hungarian paediatrician, Dr Emmi Pikler, the Pikler Triangle acts as the perfect building block in children's gross motor development - giving them ability to intuitively discover their abilities and physical limits in their own time. It stimulates a child’s imagination and provides a fun, wholesome and eco friendly source of tactile learning. 

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Pikler with Montessori

How does The Pikler Triangle work with the Montessori Method of Learning?

Montessori is an approach to learning which focuses on children developing independently in their own time. Within the Montessori Method, children are given the materials to explore their world and develop cognitive and motor skills as they go. The Pikler Triangle provides children with the tools they need to practice physical challenges at their own pace and encourage curiosity and self-confidence.